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Out Loud is all about confident communication including public speaking, presentation skills and personal development. We work in small groups towards LAMDA examinations in public speaking and along the way, we learn so much about building confidence in all walks of life. The sessions are an hour long for groups and are based around grades and medal work.

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Celebrating Exam Success!

We had more stunning exam results from the Autumn Term 2023 … and we all celebrated those successes the first week back!  Congratulations everyone! 

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Presenting Yourself

Presentations are a vital part of life today in school, college, university and in the work place.  In fact, you are almost always “presenting yourself” whatever the context. Out Loud will give you the confidence, the tools and enjoyment to present yourself well, which will enrich your life and help you achieve the highest standards.

Private Tuition

Would you or your child benefit from some individual attention?

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Patricia has a team of assistants who work with her at South Street Arts Centre and Sindlesham Court. Being an Out Loud assistant is a wonderful opportunity and is all part of understanding deadlines, timekeeping, confidentiality, constructive criticism, empathy, public speaking skills, and especially care and concern for the Out Loud students.

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